Many people think that the Lakeview landfill accepts trash from only Erie County. This is a common misconception that people have of many local landfills. In fact, the Lakeview Landfill accepts garbage from 16 other counties surrounding Erie (Landfill Expansion). Accepting trash at this rate, the landfill has another 2 or so years left in its “life.” The proposed expansion will provide another 10-30 years of life, depending upon recycling efforts made by the surrounding communities. The expansion of the landfill will help the Summit Township community economically considering that 40% of its profits come from or are associated with the Lakeview Landfill. Also, the landfill has 90 wells that collect methane gas that not only provide electricity for the Lakeview Waste Managementplants but also nearly 6,000 homes (Landfill Expansion). This power is made possible by accepting trash from many different local counties.