Pros and Cons:

Landfills do have a purpose and although they can be beneficial they also have a downside. So, landfills do give us a place to dispose our waste material easily. However, sometimes we forget that just because something is easy it doesn’t mean it is the most ideal solution. Landfills are supposed to be more productive than the dumps of the past since they take in so much more garbage and are able to seal up the waste for extra protection. Landfills are like huge garbage bags that take in tons upon tons of waste every day. Like garbage bags, sometimes these linings rip, exposing piles of decomposing filth. This can contaminate the soil around the landfill and even run into ground water.

On the positive side, landfills have the ability to capture methane that is produced by the waste and can be turned into an energy source to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Landfills can help out the economy by providing citizens with jobs and can also help out towns and cities financially if they are willing to operate one of these dumps. If there is not a landfill near one’s hometown, the waste will have to be driven to the closest location. In the process, it will take energy for the trucks to make the trip back and forth from the landfill and on the way garbage tends to fall off and get lost along the highway. If one happens to live near a landfill, it often lets off foul oders and may be very noisy due to the numerous garbage trucks that drive into the dump everyday of the week.

When everything is added up, landfill’s favorable and unfavorable advantages come out to be about the same. There has to be a better way to get rid of all the garbage that is thrown away everyday. Until then our land will continue to grow into a mound of rotting waste.

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