The Lakeview Landfill is Erie County’s only landfill. It is located at 851 Robison Rd East, right next to the recently built Presque Isle Downs and Casino and is run by the national company, Waste Management. Employees of the casino actually joke and call the landfill, “The casino’s future ski resort” (qtd. in According to John Guerriro, a reporter for the Erie Times News, the Lakeview landfill is one of the highest peaks in all of Erie County. It stands 1,480 feet above sea level and is still rising as more and more trash comes in.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Waste Management, as of right now the landfills property consists of 130 acres of land and the peak of the landfill is only 420 feet lower than the highest peak in Erie County. There are 120 waste management employees and about 15 of them work at the landfill itself. The landfill pays more than 72,000 dollars in property taxes annually. In 2007, Summit Township and Erie County governments received a total of 542,184 dollars in host fees for the landfill. There are also fees that the public pays in order for their garbage to be taken. These depend on many different factors such as if the waste is being picked up by a Waste Management truck, what kind of waste it is, and if it is going to the Erie landfill. (

Facilities run by the Waste Management Corporation take pride in the fact that they are trying to go green. All of their facilities use methane gas from the landfills for power supply, their vehicles have been converted from diesel to natural gas, and they also use solid waste to generate power. This process reduces the waste in landfills by about 90 percent, which saves space and expands the life of the landfill. ( With all that we are wasting however, this just isn’t enough.

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