Green Team

According the the green team website, Mercyhurst College is working to help maintain the health of the earth and protect its well being. They want to make the campus more environmentally friendly and sustainable for years to come. The changes that they have made are important and have made the campus itself greener. Recycling bins are placed in all dorms and most of the academic buildings. The club suggests that to help us as a whole, to conserve energy by turning off lights every time you leave a room, not leaving technology on at night and using naturally sunlight to light up rooms during the day. Most people have heard of these environmental tips but did you know that Mercyhurst has a 3-kilowatt solar panel that has reduced carbon emissions or that our campus has planted fifteen new trees back in the fall. The club has worked hard but has anyone really noticed. Students walk past and see the recycling bins everyday but honestly how many people really use them properly. Everyday tons of recyclables are thrown out in the regular trash that will soon end up in Erie’s landfill. Imagine all the paper we use for our own English, history, and science classes. Teacher’s can receive up to thousands of papers in a single term. Is this unnecessary and is there a better way to limit the amount of papers we use in the classroom?

The green team has done a lot for our campus but what about the city of Erie. They have yet to promote the green idea within the city where we reside. There are tons of projects the green team could take on to make our city greener. The landfill for example would be a great story to follow and inform the Erie citizens of its workings. There is very little news coverage of articles on the topic or of its expansion plans.

Hartford, Connecticut is working with an internet company called RecycleBank to encourage citizens to recycle by giving them rewards to local businesses. They want people to recognize that if they recycle that they are helping out their own economy and their environment. Jeff Duvall, of the Hartford Connecticut resource recovery authority, said that the program is a big hit with the people of the town and that the citizens are really enjoying the new process.

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